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School of Law / Graduate School of Law



Eminent Scholars and Excellent Education

The main advantage of our School of Law and Graduate School of Law lies in the ‘thick’ educational and academic guidance. This is made possible by the fact that our faculty consists of more than 60 members, each with strong competence in his or her field and generally accessible; also each member looks after a limited number of students. Thus the tutorial system is well and alive in our School; those willing to advance their study and research are most likely to lead fruitful university lives here.

Flexible Systems and Thorough Services

Under the systems in place today, international students must overcome various hurdles to pass entrance exams at undergraduate and graduate law programs in Japan. Hokkaido University’s School of Law and Graduate School of Law respond to the individual needs of international students. Students can even consult with their (prospective) faculty advisors about the exam subjects. After students pass the entrance exam, we continue to provide as much support as possible, including assisting them in acquiring official documents, such as a Certificate of Eligibility for a visa.

Fine Location and Facilities

In the past, international students have flocked mainly to Tokyo and Osaka for their studies. Sapporo, home of Hokkaido University, is a distinctive Japanese city, and students who attend our university can experience Japan from the perspective of Hokkaido. Another source of pride for our university is its beautiful campus, which is one of the largest in Japan.

Our School of Law and Graduate School of Law also boast excellent facilities. Students in the master’s and doctoral programs are allotted a desk, locker, and other equipment. First-year master’s degree students share a large room, but students in higher years share offices with just a few other students and can engage in their studies in a quiet environment.

Japanese Language

Hokkaido University’s School of Law and Graduate School of Law do not offer an English-language track. Japanese is the language of instruction in principle so students are required to have the appropriate level of proficiency in Japanese. For international students who are not confident in their Japanese language skills, we will facilitate attendance at Japanese language courses held by the International Student Center (see below).
International Student Center Japanese Language Courses

Exchange with Japanese Students

At Hokkaido University’s School of Law and Graduate School of Law, exchange between international and Japanese students is promoted through seminars and club activities. We are confident that you will have enriching exchange with Japanese students as it is rare that international students cluster and form their own groups.

Updated on May 17, 2018